Hi! I’m Morten. I’m a professionel translator based in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe. Drop me a line if you need some cool stuff translated: post@mortengottschalck.dk

This is an incomplete list of projects I’ve assaulted with my presence.

GAFFA.dk – 10 years of musical reviews, articles, interviews, jumping around.

Faraos Publishing, translating the British gamebook series Fighting Fantasy series into Sværd og Trolddom. I’ve done some English 15 books and even rewrote bits here and there, with permission from the gracious authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Also translated some Swedish stuff.

Odense Games Festival – founded and ran the board games festival for 2 years.

Fyn Live, a collection of music halls in Fyn, Denmark. They all came together to create a magazine. I did a number of articles and interviews, great fun.

Jam Days, music festival dedicated to blues, jazz and folk – did articles and interviews for three or four years. Cool guys.

Odense Lyrikfestival, poetry festival. Did a poetry walk-spoken word thing.

Odense Byhaver, created a collection of urban gardens, ca. 2014-2016

Spontalt – experimental music.

Other stuff

Got diplomas in sales, library science, logistic related to trams, and leadership.

Helped a number of private companies doing websites, social medie, counselling, sales.

Drop me a line if you’d like to get in touch. We can have that famous cup of coffee afterwards and throw in some high fives for good measure once the ship has docked.